Professionals produce with intent

Seth Godin
2 min readDec 15, 2020

What’s it for?

Two simple questions open the door for creative work

Are you a professional? This is someone who offers expertise and impact and time and commitment — all the elements necessary to achieve results. And the professional does it on command, for hire, for an exchange of value.

While we might enjoy getting paid for our hobbies, hobbies rarely transfer into the professional world, because a professional isn’t simply an amateur who is now getting paid.

The professional’s promise is direct and clear: I will make a change happen.

And that puts you on the hook.

“I will do my work and you will be transformed.”

Perhaps that’s an offer to remove a tumor, or to entertain you (certainly not at the same time). It might be a promise to elevate, to connect or to make things better.

We change things. Work that matters for people who care.

What change do you seek to make? And who do you seek to change?

If there is no change, there’s nothing to be done. If there is no change, we don’t need to hire you. But if you promise to make a change, to turn on a light, then we’re counting on you to do just that.

You can’t change everyone, and the work doesn’t appeal to everyone. So, who is it for? And how will you change them?

For people who believe _____, who want ____, my work creates ______.

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