School is still ruining your chances to learn

We spent almost 15 years being brainwashed on how to be students. And we’re still paying the price.

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Adult education is no longer something we do after hours at the local high school.

With all this access, though, we’re not learning as much as we could. That’s because the lessons of school run deep.

I’ve run some successful online classes, and I see the negative patterns again and again. The most dangerous habits all come from high school:

Focus on the test.

Of course, adult learning doesn’t offer a degree, and the grades are either non-existent or don’t matter.

Make sure you can do it perfectly the first time.

If you’re not willing to explore and experience, you’re probably not willing to learn.

Don’t contribute.

If you’re going to bother showing up, why not show up in the front row? It’s that tension and focus that will help you see yourself in a different light.

Look for the shortest possible answer.

But as adults, we know that those in-between nuances are precisely where success lies, as does the joy of doing important work.

Become a wandering generality.

School pushes hard for wide not deep. It puts maximum pain on us when we’re doing below the standard in things we don’t love, instead of pushing us to even better in the things we do.

Wondering is a lot more effective than wandering.

Don’t share.

What adults realize, though, is that the people in the class aren’t your competition. It’s all the people who are falling behind because they weren’t passionate enough to sign up in the first place.


Please don’t hesitate. Find something that matters to you and learn it.

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