Where does creativity come from?

It’s a skill

You can learn it. You can get better at it. And you can discover ways to share your insights with others.

I’m 7,500 posts into my blog, 20 books into my career as a bestselling author and who knows how many loaves of bread, batches of dal and poorly-pulled shots of espresso into my adventures in the kitchen.

When Medium asked me to try out a series of weekly posts about creativity to tie in with my new book, I was excited to take the leap.

If you wait until you have the skill, if you wait until you’re certain it’s going to work, it’s very unlikely you’ll ever take that leap.

But once you commit, once you confirm that the book is due, that the guests are coming in an hour, that Medium readers are waiting — suddenly, you’ll find the skill you need. Not to do it perfectly, but to do it better.

Because better is all we can hope for.

For nearly fifty years, I’ve been teaching canoeing up in Canada. The first rule is clearly the most important: the best way to learn is to get into the boat.

I’m working on a weekly series of 26 rants about how we can find the creative voice that lies within each of us. I’m hoping you can join me on the journey. It starts in November.

Life is a series of projects. Here we go.

More about a lifetime of projects here

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